Barack Obama: The Story Of Our 44th President



Product Code:  GH4993
UPC:  631865499335
ISBN: 978-1-61867-566-8
Grade Level: 3-8
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

The program begins with a brief history of the people who fought for civil rights and freedoms for all Americans, and explains how their efforts provided the possibility and opportunity that led to the election of President Obama. Students will learn how President Obama became the 44th president of the United States and the first African-American president in our country’s history. His journey to the white house is a fascinating and inspiring story about having a dream and the freedom to pursue that dream. In many ways, President Obama’s childhood was typical. He went to school, worked in an ice cream parlor during high school and played basketball. On the other hand, he had experiences much different from a typical child in America. He was the child of a multi-racial couple. When he was young, he lived in Indonesia for several years. Then he moved to Hawaii where his grandparents raised him. What events and experiences shaped his life? How did he become a hero of freedom for millions of people around the world? This captivating program chronicles Barack Obama’s life through pictures, graphics, maps and archival footage.

Additional Information

Run Time: 15
Copyright: 2009
Marc Record: Yes
Studio: Mazzarella Media