Our Flagship Brand

Standard Deviants teaches difficult core curriculum topics in a way that is approachable, consumable, and fun. Our videos have a clear and concise format, making it possible to cut through the children's confusion. It also features high-tech computer graphics, mnemonic devices, and a lot of creative demonstrations. The result is unlike any you've ever seen.

Our Educational Programming

The Cerebellum Corporation has DVD programming that includes the following:

All of these cover core curriculum and guidance topics using on-screen graphics, young actors, and captivating scripts to engage students. Each title is written by an academic team of professors from leading universities such as Yale, University of Virginia, George Washington University, and Georgetown University, to name just a few.


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Our DVDs are available wherever you are in the United States or Canada. We also accept purchase orders of our products. For inquiries and other concerns, contact us today.

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