Product Code: GH4013
UPC: 631865013128
ISBN: 1-59443-692-4
Grade Level: K-3
Media Type: DVD+CD

Product Description

Lesson Boosters Angry?

These 4 programs will provide ways for children to identify, talk about, and handle their anger.
Copyright 2010.

Angry? Catch Your Anger
In this information-packed program, children learn safe and appropriate ways to handle anger. Simple strategies such as counting to 10 gives you a chance to cool off.

Angry? Just Walk Away
Children learn that recognizing their angry feelings is the first step towards handling anger. Students understand that they can be in charge when they’re able to “catch” their angry feelings and walk away from a situation that is making them feel angry inside.

Angry? Stop and Think
“Stop and Think” is a simple strategy introduced to children. Viewers learn how “stop and think” can help them control their angry feelings.

Angry? Relax and Take A Break
In this segment, viewers are shown how walking away from a frustrating situation and relaxing can help them feel.

Additional Information

Run Time: 13
Copyright: 2010
Marc Record: Yes