What’s Respect



Product Code: GH4015
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ISBN: 1-59443-694-0
Grade Level: 4-7
Media Type: DVD+CD

Product Description

Lesson Booster’s present What’s Respect?

Each of these 4 programs teaches about respect. By the end of this program, students will understand the importance of respecting rules, themselves, and others.

What’s Respect? Respecting Rules
Why are there rules? What does it mean to respect rules? The program helps students to understand the importance of following rules and their impact on society.

What’s Respect? Self Respect
In this program, students learn what it means to have self-respect. They will come to understand the importance of knowing what their values are and how they differ from others.

What’s Respect? Respecting Everyone’s Ideas
This program explores the concept of respecting the differences in people. In this segment, students learn the importance of respecting different ideas.

What’s Respect? We’re all Different
Students will learn that each person is different and it is important to respect these differences.

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Run Time: 9
Copyright: 2010
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