Drugs & Alcohol & Your Choice



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ISBN: 978-1-61867-213-1
Grade Level: 9-12
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Product Description

There are all kinds of drugs. Some help people with medical problems and can be bought in any store, right over the counter. Other medicines must be prescribed by a doctor. The alcohol and energy drinks we see advertised everywhere? Those are drugs, too. Then there are illegal drugs like marijuana. Some drugs are helpful. Some can be hurtful, and even deadly. What do all they have in common? They all change how your body works and they should all be taken seriously.

At the end of this program students will learn the following:

  • All drugs, including over the counter medications, prescription medicines, energy drinks, alcohol, and marijuana, effect the way your body and mind work.
  • Over-the-counter and prescription medication can also be harmful if they are misused or abused.
  • Taking medicine prescribed for someone else can be dangerous to your health; it is also illegal.
  • Inhalants are potent chemicals that can have serious, even deadly, consequences.
  • Contrary to popular belief, using drugs can have a negative impact on a teen’s social and academic life.

Additional Information

Run Time: 18
Copyright: 2012
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