Standard Deviants Español: Fisíca 6 Trabajo y Energía



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ISBN: 978-1-61867-782-2
Grade Level: 8-12
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The Standard Deviants roll up their sleeves and take a look at what work means in physics. You’ll find out how to find an object’s kinetic energy, the energy it has because of its motion. The mystery of attraction will be revealed as we cover the Law of Universal Gravitation. Finally, we’ll answer that burning question: how much does a pizza weigh on the sun?’ This module introduces the all important concept of work to the Physics student. Physics stops being theoretical at this point and becomes useful. The conservation of energy by conversion between its different forms is both a mathematical construct as well as a physical reality. Therefore work becomes a basic construct of Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. Kinetic energy vs. potential energy, the work-kinetic energy principle, and the use of the universal gravitation constant are covered in this module.

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Copyright: 2016
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