Inventions That Changed Our Lives: Communications & Transportation



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ISBN: 1-58565-000-5
Grade Level: 7+
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How many of us take for granted the ease of split-second communication? Not so long ago, daily mail (now dubbed “snail mail”) was delivered by carriers and phone calls were revolutionary. And it wasn’t so long ago that automobiles were a newfangled phenomenon.

Thanks to visionaries like Alexander Graham Bell and Henry Ford, the areas of communication and travel have journeyed great distances in a short time. In a fascinating segment that’s as fast-paced as society’s demand for even quicker, more efficient communication and travel, Communications & Transportation explores the immeasurable impact the inventions of these two men and countless others before them have had on our lives.

Narrator Tom Baker explores how Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone laid the foundation for today’s mega telecommunication industry. Watch how robotics and computers developed into everyday tools, fueling today’s communications and travel inventions and improving yesterday’s. In Communications & Transportation, the once imposing hurdles of these two areas fall away at break-neck speed, bringing forth new technological advances that make life easier.

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Run Time: 27
Copyright: 2000
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