You, Myself and Art – Who We Are Through the Medium of Art: The Truth About Contemporary Art



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Series Intro:

Featuring more than 20 specialists (art historians, sociologists, anthropologists, artists) this documentary series explores who we are through the medium of art, spanning from the earliest days of mankind, through our collective history, past today and into the future. It discusses how and why we are influenced by art, who funds art in an attempt to influence the way we think, if contemporary art still fulfills our creative needs and desires and what could become the art of tomorrow. Travel from New York to Paris, from Seattle to London, from Washington DC to Vancouver and meet people who are, one way or another, connected to art. They are artists, art historians, anthropologists, sociologists, neuroscientists, curators and philosophers. For all of them, art is a passion, and they are here to share it with us.

Episode Description:

We learn what contemporary art is made of. We define the dispositive surrounding contemporary works that sometimes challenge the viewer by bringing publicly activism and politics.

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Run Time:  30
Copyright: 2022
Studio: TMW Media