The Bully Report



Product Code: GH5167
UPC: 631865516735
ISBN: 978-1-61867-731-0
Grade Level: 3-6
Media Type: DVD+CD

Product Description

The Bully Report’ is the story of a third-grader named ‘Quinn’ is relentlessly teased in the classroom, in the halls, and out on the playground. When his teacher gives the class an assignment to write a paper on kindness, communication, and courage, Quinn gives a speech on bullying and bystanders called ‘The Bully Report’ that inspires classmates to stand up and speak out about the bullying problem that has them all on edge and in fear.

Several young students share their experiences in dealing with bullies in this program and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Meredith Murphy adds easy-to-digest insight into the long-term effects of bullying and why it’s so important for young viewers to talk to a trusted adult if they are being bullied.

Quinn and his classmates in ‘The Bully Report’ come together to take a stand against bullying and your students will be empowered to do the same after watching this video and working through the activities and discussion questions included in the program.

Consultant: Meredith C. Murphy, Ph.D.

Additional Information

Run Time: 7
Copyright: 2016
Marc Record: Yes
Studio: Reedswood Media