Stranger Danger Awareness: The 5 Traps



Product Code: GH5168
UPC: 631865516834
ISBN: 978-1-61867-732-7
Grade Level: 3-6
Media Type: DVD+CD

Product Description

This comprehensive stranger danger program shows young viewers how to avoid five common traps ‘bad strangers’ use through a series of dramatic vignettes, and shows them how the strangers they encounter every day on their way to and from school, in stores, and out in cyberspace can be dangerous regardless of their appearance. Students also learn how to avoid potentially dangerous situations with people they don’t know or ‘kinda know’ through this memorable look at the pet trap, the car trap, the authority trap, the playmate trap, the technology trap, and the playmate trap.

This riveting video drives home many memorable points that empowers kids how to play it safe and smart when they are out and about or online.

Consultant: Meredith C. Murphy, Ph.D.

Additional Information

Run Time: 10
Copyright: 2016
Marc Record: Yes
Studio: Reedswood Media