Teaching Systems Algebra Module 2: Functions



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ISBN: 1-58565-356-X
Grade Level: 7-12
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Product Description

Now in Algebra, we use a lot of variables, which we can write as letters.Our algebra mission in this module is to know these unknowns! In algebra, we don’t dilly-dally or mess about – we find things out. Topics include: Cost Functions, Input and Output, Trend Lines, Graphs & Domain and Range.

Teacher’s Guide include:

  • Graphic Organizer that promotes active viewing by allowing students a place to take notes and complete relevant graphics in the video program.
  • Critical Thinking Questions provide a way for students to directly apply the lesson and can be used in the classroom or assigned as homework.
  • Classroom Activities that extend opportunities to apply and deepen students’ knowledge.
  • Answer Key
  • Video Script can be distributed prior to watching the video program and is a great way for students to reinforce the video lesson.

Additional Information

Run Time: 26
Copyright: 2010
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