My Well-Being: The Importance of Being Positive, Thankful and Grateful



Product Code: CE8457
UPC: 741421231788
Grade Level: 2-5
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

In this new 2023 high-definition series, social and emotional learning issues are sensitively discussed with positive and encouraging suggestions on how to navigate our ever-changing, complex world. What role does positivity play in having good mental health? What are dopamine and serotonin, and how do they contribute to one’s happiness? What is negativity? How is it linked to cortisol in the central nervous system? What are positive affirmations? What are gratitude and thankfulness, and how do they lead to happiness?

The answers to all of these questions and more are covered in depth with exciting video and dynamic graphics that reinforce important concepts.

Additional Information

Run Time:  23
Copyright: 2023
Studio: Wonderscape Entertainment