Get Along Monsters: Dont Call Me Names



Product Code: GH5006
UPC: 631865500635
ISBN: 978-1-61867-579-8
Grade Level: K-4
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

You’re stupid! You’re a baby! As we all know, name-calling is one of many inappropriate ways that children express themselves when they’re feeling angry or frustrated. To the child on the receiving end of name-calling, it can be a painful experience. This program focuses on the reasons for name-calling and how it affects others. Viewers also learn how to be more assertive so they can stop others from calling them names. Children who don’t have an available repertoire of social and coping skills can easily turn to violence, anger, or self-harm when they face an upsetting or vulnerable situation. Conversely, when we help kids learn and develop positive social and coping skills, we provide them with alternatives that can help turn problem situations into positive outcomes. Get-Along-Monsters is an entertaining and engaging children’s DVD series designed to teach children, grades K-4 important skills necessary for successful social interaction and emotional management. Each episode combines humorous, animated segments and age-appropriate, live-action scenarios to demonstrate easy-to-understand skills.

Additional Information

Run Time: 13
Copyright: 2011
Marc Record: Yes
Studio: Mazzarella Media