Extraordinary Hispanic Women Who Shaped American History



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Famous Hispanic women in history have inspired countless young women to believe in their dreams. From artists to astronauts and writers to politicians, many great Latino American history makers have changed the world. This program celebrates notable Hispanic American Women whose influence has touched us in every walk of life. There isn’t an industry in which Hispanic Americans haven’t made their mark in history, with some of the most iconic scientists, politicians, singers, actors, artists and more coming from Hispanic descent. Celebrating the contributions these Latino-American heroes have made to our country helps us find unity in our diversity, strength in our democracy and an understanding of the rich culture that enriches the fabric of the American dream. These women show us how powerful they are as individuals and how much they have inspired others with their dedication, unshakable drive and determination. Join us as we discover the fascinating lives of these Extraordinary Women. Featuring: Rita Moreno, Julia Alvarez, Joan Baez, Salma Hayek, Gloria Estefan, Toypurina (First Civil Rights Advocate), Emma Tenayuca (Labor Rights Activist), Frida Kahlo (Artist), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (US Representative), Selena Ellen Ochoa (First Hispanic Woman in Space), Linda Ronstadt, Jenifer Lopez, Dolores Huerta (Female Women’s Rights Advocate), Julia Alvarez (Writer) and Chief Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

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