Conflict: The Top Ten Starters And Stoppers



Product Code: 1003776
UPC: 743452775125
Grade Level: 3-5
Media Type: DVD+CD

Product Description

This fast-paced, catchy program shows students the most common behaviors that start conflicts – such as blaming, accusing, name-calling, interrupting, and then demonstrates how to stop those resulting conflicts before they escalate into major confrontations. As they count down from ten to one, viewers learn from situations all elementary school kids will easily recognize: Tyler forgets his homework and demands that Max let him copy his. Max refuses and in no time the boys are in a pushing and shoving match. How to stop this conflict? Before the pushing and shoving starts, Max walks away. As the host explains, “You can’t fight with someone who isn’t there.” Nine other vignettes illustrate the top conflict starters and stoppers, including the #1 way to avoid a conflict: if you’re wrong, apologize and say you’re sorry.

Additional Information

Run Time: 16
Copyright: 2007
Marc Record: Yes
Studio: AIM Education
Territory: Available in the U.S. Only