Anger-Management Skills



Product Code: 1003969
UPC: 743452969920
Grade Level: 7-12
Media Type: DVD+CD

Product Description

This hands-on workshop teaches the anger-management skills that enable teens to get along better with friends, family, and authority figures. Uses an MTV-style format to help students discover the things that trigger their anger and understand the consequences of angry behavior. A weekend workshop provides the setting as eight students, with the help of their guidance counselor, learn that controlling anger means being aware of how you feel, and making choices about how to express your anger. They explore the physical and emotional cues that trigger anger, their own anger styles, and specific techniques for dealing with anger.

Program comes complete with suggestions for using the workshop, 15 reproducible student worksheets on a CD, and an extensive bibliography.

Additional Information

Run Time: 40
Copyright: 1999
Marc Record: Yes
Studio: AIM Education
Territory: Available in the U.S. Only