Alcohol and Drug-Free Teens



Product Code: 1003842
UPC: 743452841127
Grade Level: 7-12
Media Type: DVD+CD

Product Description

In this program real teenagers describe the world of alcohol and drugs that surrounds them and the hard choices they have to make. Viewers hear from teens that have actually experienced the physical, emotional, social, and academic consequences of abusing alcohol and drugs. Many have opted to choose a drug-free life, and their “success” stories clearly demonstrate the benefits of that choice. Teens focus on the “anti-drugs” in their lives: sports, music, family, achieving academic excellence, and setting goals for the future. After viewing this program students will acknowledge that a drug-free lifestyle is a positive choice, realize that drug-use interferes with achieving goals, identify ways to resist the peer and internal pressure to try drugs, and understand that being drug-free promotes better relationships. Expert commentary throughout supports and expands information.

Additional Information

Run Time: 32
Copyright: 2006
Marc Record: Yes
Studio: AIM Education
Territory: Available in the U.S. Only