Break It Down Experiments: Biology & Ecosystems



Product Code: GH4132
UPC: 631865413225
ISBN: 978-1-61867-003-8
Grade Level: 9-12
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

Does anyone ever think about the four pounds of garbage we produce every day? Get down to the nitty gritty and discover the delicate ecosystem of a landfill, including the potential harm of bacteria’s byproduct methane gas. Break It Down follows the stinky trail from curb to dump to uncover the fate of our trash and the science behind decomposition.

Students and teacher will understand the science behind the most basic functions that we take for granted. STEM curriculum resource. 23-minute classroom friendly run time

Additional Information

Run Time: 23
Copyright: 2006
Marc Record: Yes
Studio: Exploration Production Inc.
Territory: Available in the U.S. Only