Teaching Systems American Government Complete Series



Product Code: GH3857
UPC: 743452385720
ISBN: 1-59443-113-2
Grade Level: 5+
Media Type: 10 DVD+CD

Product Description

The DVD features award-winning Standard Deviants School programming, which will capture your students’ attention and make the subject come alive! Content includes a topic based video programming, classroom notes, graphic handouts, quiz, and answer questions plus a fact filled video segment accompanied by quiz and discussion questions. Cerebellum Teaching System equips you with everything you need to succeed where it matter most: the classroom.

Who says Civics has to be as dry as the Congressional Record? Now you can explain the three branches of government, the Constitution, civil rights, and civil liberties in a way your students will enjoy and understand.

Additional Information

Run Time: 227
Copyright: 2008
Marc Record: Yes
Studio: Cerebellum