Standard Deviants Español: Fisíca 7 Movimiento Planetario & Armónico



Product Code: GH5219
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ISBN: 978-1-61867-783-9
Grade Level: 8-12
Media Type: DVD

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We’ll take a quick trip into space with the Deviants to learn Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion. Next, you’ll find out about simple harmonic motion, a related law called Hooke’s Law, and pendulums. Before we wave “goodbye,” you’ll also get an introduction to waves. Planetary motion is covered briefly in this module including Kepler’s laws. This portion explains the elliptical orbit of planets and its effect on the orbital period. Harmonic motion studies start with the equations for a spring based on Hooke’s Law and the definitions of period, cycle, amplitude, wavelength, frequency, spring constants and the restoring force. Building from module 6, the conservation of energy is employed in the conversion of kinetic energy to potential energy to kinetic energy again.

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Run Time: 26
Copyright: 2016
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