History Kids: The Salem Witch Trials – Hysteria and Hangings



Product Code: CE8415
UPC: 741421223882
Grade Level: 4-8
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

In this new 2022 high-definition program, learn all about the Salem Witch Trials, a dark chapter in Massachusetts history, where the unexplained was attributed to witchcraft and those that did not conform to Puritan ideals were witches. Understand the theories as to why children and adults accused others of witchcraft and were complicit in their being hanged as witches. In the guilt-ridden aftermath of the trials, the community of Salem searched for absolution and explanations for the hysteria and the hangings.

Detailed graphics and animation reinforce pivotal events.

Additional Information

Run Time:  24
Copyright: 2022
Studio: Wonderscape Entertainment