Garfields Halloween Adventure



Product Code: CE7998
UPC: 841887036719
ISBN: 9781531704988
Grade Level: 3-5
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure It’s time to trick-or-treat with Garfield! Garfield and Odie put on their pirate costumes to get as much Halloween candy as possible. After a successful night trick-or-treating, Garfield spots even more houses across the river! But once they get there, Garfield and Odie find themselves at a haunted house – where ghostly pirates are expected to arrive any minute. This fun-filled DVD also includes Garfield Goes Hollywood – watch Jon, Garfield, and Odie win a local TV talent contest and head to Hollywood for the finals!

Additional Information

Run Time:  50
Copyright: 2018
Rating: TV-Y
Rating: Available in the U.S. Only
Studio: PBS