Exploring Our Nation: How To become President of the United States



Product Code: GH5144
UPC: 631865514434
ISBN: 978-1-61867-717-4
Grade Level: 3-8
Media Type: DVD+CD

Product Description

In this program students will come to understand some of the rights and responsibilities we have as American citizens and the importance of participating in our democracy. Entertaining and engaging, this video combines live-action, high-definition footage, fun-animation and colorful graphics to tell the fascinating stories of America’s icons of liberty.

The program explores the history and development of seven American icons of liberty recognized around the world. Students will have a better understanding of the stories, and meaning of our country’s most valued symbols that represent her ideas, independence and freedom. Students will learn about how the American flag came to be.

The video discusses the American Revolution and how the founding fathers came to decide upon the design of the American flag, it’s colors and what those colors represented. In this program students will learn about the Pledge of Allegiance and explores the various elements that make up the Great Seal of the United States. Students will learn the history of the “Star Spangled Banner”.

Through archival photographs combined with video, the fascinating story of the Statue of Liberty will come alive for students. In addition, students will come to understand the importance of Independence Hall in Philadelphia and it’s role in the establishment of our country. The video discusses a new symbol of American freedom called the Freedom Tower.

The program examines the various symbols that were used in the design of the building that now represents American liberty.

Additional Information

Run Time: 18
Copyright: 2016
Marc Record: Yes
Studio: Mazzarella Media