Dinosaurs – Lifestyles of the Big and Carnivorous



Product Code : 001050706
UPC: 631865037230
ISBN: 1-58198-145-7
Grade Level: 9-12
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

What were the dinosaurs like? How long ago did they live? Can a dinosaur be created from DNA? Did they take care of their young? Why did they die out… or did they? The Standard Deviants, a dynamic troupe of young actors and comedians, will be your tour guides on this exciting adventure into the distant past! Join our intrepid dinosaur hunters as they examine the diets, habitats, traits and the eventual extinction of some of the largest creatures ever to roam the Earth! With the help of a respected dinosaur expert, the Standard Deviants will dispel dino-myths and give you the bare-bone facts about these mysterious creatures, using humorous skits, computer graphics and a fun, easy-to-understand format! (Contains A Day as a Dino and Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner?)

Additional Information

Run Time: 60
Copyright: 2000
Marc Record: Yes
Studio: Cerebellum