Common Mistakes People Make in Interviews


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This highly acclaimed video will help you avoid the pitfalls of the interview process—because getting an interview is only the beginning. Before you walk through the door for an interview, you had better know a few things: what the business is all about, how to stay cool under pressure, and how you feel about working with people of different races and genders. After all, an interview is a serious conversation about business, how you react to stress, and what kind of person you are. Common Mistakes People Make in Interviews is an informative and effective program that helps job seekers anticipate what employers are looking for. Using a wrong way/right way format, the video illustrates the things to do and not to do in an interview so you can convey the right attitude, project a professional image—and get a job offer. Perfect for job-search agencies, libraries, career-oriented classes, or anyone who wants to ace an interview.

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