Check it Out: Major Disturbances



Product Code: GH4615
UPC: 631865461523
ISBN: 1-58565-586-4
Grade Level: Adult
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

Check It Out is a six part series for library staff, and anyone working with the general public on a regular basis. By focusing on the proper strategies for dealing with difficult people and awkward situations, this series prepares library staff for situations they may encounter. The series also examines the skills necessary to become a successful storyteller.

Major Disturbances

Knowing how to handle difficult situations can be the difference between a peaceful solution or a headache. This episode focuses on common library policies for resolving difficult situations, such as drunken or violent behavior, rude or angry patrons, and illegal activities.

Additional Information

Run Time: 25
Copyright: 2002
Marc Record: Yes
Studio: Distribution Access
Territory: Available in the U.S. Only