Berenstain Bears: A Time for Giving


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Grade Level: PreK-3
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Includes 4 Episodes

“Lend a Helping Hand”
En route to their friend’s house, Brother and Sister stop to help the frail and elderly Widder Jones dispose of a fallen tree limb. The cubs soon wish they weren’t so generous with their time when Mrs. Jones recruits them for other chores. While spending a Saturday cleaning out her attic, Brother and Sister come to enjoy the company of Widder Jones and find that lending a helping hand is a very rewarding experience.

“The Giddy Grandma”
When Sister is hard pressed to find ‘The Bear I Admire Most’ to write about for her school project, she visits Grizzly Gran to borrow a book on the 100 Most Famous Bears. While digging through Gran’s attic for the book, they discover so many awards and trophies from Gran’s younger years that Sister decides her grandma is the bear that she truly admires most.

“The Hiccup Cure”
Papa Bear accepts the prestigious job of making a one-of-a-kind chair for the Squire, but then learns the order must be filled by the next day for Mrs. Squire’s birthday. Racing against time, Papa breaks from work only to eat, gobbling down his food as fast as he can. Unfortunately, a recurring case of the hiccups hinders Papa from meeting his deadline. Consulting Dr. Bear, Papa learns his problem is caused from eating too quickly. With his hiccups under control, Papa is able to complete the Squire’s chair with a steady hand and a healthier digestive system.

“Female Fullback”
Instead of practising, Brother, Cousin Fred and Too Tall discover an easier way of winning the big football game – in the form of Betsy Broom. Betsy can run faster than Brother, she can jump higher than Too Tall and dodge quicker than Cousin Fred. In exchange for her promise to help them win the game, the boys gladly agree to help Betsy practice her track and basketball and ballet. The boys soon find it’s not easy keeping up with Betsy but by striving to do so, they discover they’ve improved on certain skills they needed to be better football players. So much so in fact, that they go out and win the big game – without Betsy. As it turns out, this was her plan all along.

“Grow It”
When the fur on the top of Sister’s head gets a severe cutting to get rid of a tangle of burrs, she can’t wait for it to grow back. But it seems to be taking forever to grow, just like the seed she planted for science class at school. She tries to be patient on both fronts, but waiting is just too hard to do. That is until Gramps shares a story about how he too found it hard to be patient when he was young, and discovered the secret to being patient is finding something to occupy the time – to take your mind off what you’re waiting for.

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Run Time:  60
Copyright: 2005
Studio: Visual Education Centre