16 for ’16- The Contenders



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ISBN: 9781627896535
Grade Level: Adult
Media Type: 2DVD

Product Description

16 for ’16 – The Contenders Every four years, an assortment of bold men and women declare themselves the “MVP”– uniquely deserving of America’s highest office, and the power that comes with it. Yet, among the many contenders, there can only be one winner. From Shirley Chisholm’s landmark 1972 presidential candidacy that forever altered America’s view of what a candidate should look like to Barry Goldwater’s 1964 campaign which launched a brand of conservativism that would prove influential for decades to come, from Howard Dean’s denouncement of the 2003 invasion of Iraq and innovative grassroots fundraising effort to Sarah Palin’s surprising appearance on a Republican presidential ticket, this eight-hour documentary series presented by OZY Media examines 16 of the most compelling stories behind unforgettable candidates from the past 50 years of election history. The Contenders: 16 for ‘16 demonstrates how previous elections still influence the American political landscape in unexpected ways today. Episode 1: Chisolm/McCain – The Straight Talkers TV-PG VL Episode 2: Dean/Buchanan – The Flamethrowers TV-PG Episode 3: Romney/Dukakis – The Technocrats TV-PG Episode 4: Hart/Jackson – The Visionaries TV-PG V Episode 5: Goldwater/Reagan – The Conservatives TV-PG V Episode 6: Perot/Nader – The Independents TV-PG V Episode 7: Ferraro/Palin – The Trailblazers TV-PG Episode 8: Bush/Obama – The Master Strategists TV-PG This DVD features subtitles in English (SDH)

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Run Time:  480
Copyright: 2016
Rating:  TV-PG
Studio: PBS