Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin



Product Code: CE2400
Grade Level: K-4
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

The Reading Rainbow programs are designed to encourage children to read by transporting them to exciting, real-life settings. The series introduces kids to interesting new people and places, explores social and cultural issues, and offers a close-up look at the world around them. Its dynamic, fast-paced, colorful animation and hip music entertain and reinforce these experiences, and help children embrace positive reading habits, skills and attitudes.

Musical instruments make beautiful music on their own, but together they create a magnificent symphony. This book explores how rhyming, melodies and mathematics help combine sounds of different instruments, making music fun — and fun music.

Taking a trip to New York City’s Julliard School of Music, LeVar discovers how orchestra members combine their sounds and work as a team under the leadership of the conductor. Then STOMP, a percussion performance group, demonstrates how creativity, expression, rhythm, dance and self-expression are incorporated into a team effort that’s very active and entertaining.

Field Trip Segments:

  • A visit to Julliard – LeVar finds out how orchestra members work as a team under the leadership of the conductor.
  • STOMP! – This percussion performance group demonstrates how it incorporates creativity, expression, rhythm, dance, and self-expression in a team effort that’s very active and entertaining.

Book Reviews: Max Found Two Sticks by Brian Pinkney; Meet the Orchestra by Ann Hayes; The Maestro Plays by Bill Martin, Jr.

Use this episode to further enhance your math curriculum. Math Concepts: counting, patterning, graphing, sorting, classifying, problem solving, regrouping, part + part = whole.

Additional Information

Run Time:  30
Copyright: 1996
Studio: WNED