Xtremely Wild: Polar Bears on the Run



Product Code: GH4266
UPC: 631865426621
ISBN: 978-1-61867-110-3
Grade Level: 5-12
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

Xtremely Wild dives into the trenches of animal research to study some of the most dangerous animals on the planet. Hosted by filmmaker and wildlife enthusiast Mark Miller, this series reveals surprising and crucial information about some of the world’s most exotic creatures and the unique places they call home. Join the Xtremely Wild crew as they discover a vast array of animals and, in some cases, help the endangered ones return to their natural habitats. Xtremely Wild… will be a trip you will wish you had really taken.

Xtremely Wild: Polar Bears on the Run

The world’s most southerly polar bears may be the first animal to disappear as a result of climate change. But polar bears are as tough as they get, and the element of surprise is one of their greatest tools. The polar bears aren’t giving in without a fight…for their lives. And later, bear 911. North Vancouver, Canada is a large suburb, on the edge of civilization. It is not uncommon to see bears roaming past the BMW’s in the driveways. Here in North Vancouver, 911 gets you fire, police, ambulance, and bear cops! Xtremely Wild spends a week chasing bears around the North Shore, up trees, into swimming pools and hopefully into a better life as we relocate North Van’s worst offenders.

Additional Information

Run Time: 23
Copyright: 2006
Marc Record: Yes
Studio: Exploration Production Inc.
Territory: Available in the U.S. Only