Science Kids: Viruses, Vaccines and COVID-19 Prepare and Prevail



Product Code: CE8338
UPC: 741421201699
Grade Level: 5-9
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

Young people will learn how to keep themselves safe from viruses like COVID-19. What is a virus and how does it spread? How do vaccines work? What is a pandemic? How are we using strategies from past pandemics to fight COVID-19?

The answers to all of these questions and more are covered in depth with detailed graphics, engaging examples and video. On-screen, multiple-choice reviews at the end of each segment reinforce important concepts.

This program delivers a positive message of hope for students and empowers them with what they can do to protect themselves during a pandemic to reduce anxiety and cope with challenging circumstances. Written by a science educator and curriculum writer with oversight by a medical doctor,

Additional Information

Run Time:  25
Copyright: 2020
Territory: Available in the U.S. Only
Studio: Wonderscape Entertainment