Product Code: CE2379
UPC: CE2379
Grade Level: K-4
Media Type:  DVD



Product Description

The Reading Rainbow programs are designed to encourage children to read by transporting them to exciting, real-life settings. The series introduces kids to interesting new people and places, explores social and cultural issues, and offers a close-up look at the world around them. Its dynamic, fast-paced, colorful animation and hip music entertain and reinforce these experiences, and help children embrace positive reading habits, skills and attitudes.

From the critically acclaimed, Emmy Award-winning PBS children’s series, Reading Rainbow, this program presents the book by Pete Seeger. A boy and his father devise a plan to save their townspeople from a giant in the story based on a South African lullaby and folk story. In addition, host LeVar Burton introduces children to music videos and storytelling, special guests Run DMC rap a story to music and a ballerina shows children how dance expresses emotion and tells stories without words.

Additional Information

Run Time:  30
Copyright: 1986
Studio: WNED