Kidvidz: Piggy Bank to Money Markets



Product Code: GH1873
UPC: 743452187324
ISBN: 1-59443-570-7
Grade Level: K-5
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

Learn how to be money smart! It’s never too early to teach children about money. Piggy Banks to Money Markets uses humor, engaging songs and money-saving tips to show kids how to s tart a small business , spend wisely, and manage money. This easy-to-follow program is packed with practical tools and information to educate, motivate and empower children to be money smart. Help your child plan now with proven strategies for earning, saving and investing.

Program Features:

  • 7 Easy-to-learn strategies for earning money
  • How-to guide for running a business
  • 9 Tips for saving, spending and investing
  • Improve math skills!
  • Dynamic songs, fun lessons

“All libraries would profit from investing in this knockout kid’s video that tackles money matters with humor, music and dynamic graphics.” – Children’s Video Report

Additional Information

Run Time: 30
Copyright: 2005
Marc Record: No