Kidvidz: Hey What About Me?



Product Code: GH1900
UPC: 743452190027
ISBN: 1-59443-000-4
Grade Level: PreK-3
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

Hey, What About Me? A Video Guide for Brothers and Sisters of New Babies

Find out what to expect with a new baby in the family. Watch kids like you getting to know about being big brothers and big sisters. Enjoy original songs about your feelings, and learn games, lullabies, and bouncing rhymes to play with the baby. You’ll discover how some things change, but a lot stays the same.

Program Features:

  • Narrated by kids for kids
  • New babies create new feelings
  • What are new babies like?
  • How to have fun with the new baby
  • It’s GREAT being the older kid!

“…a delightful new guide for brothers and sisters of new babies…sure to captivate young viewers (and their parents too).” –Parent’s Magazine’s Expecting

“This irresistible live-action half-hour has young children talk about the fear, anger, confusion, excitement and pleasure of having a baby in the house.” –Los Angeles Times

Additional Information

Run Time: 30
Copyright: 2002
Marc Record: No