Geography Kids: Top 10 Man-Made Wonders of the World



Product Code: CE8413
UPC: 741421223684
Grade Level: 1-4
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

In this new 2022 high-definition program, learn all about the top 10 man-made wonders of the world, all of which are designated as UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) world heritage sites. Journey around the globe, appreciating these true feats of architecture and human engineering. Explore Lascaux Cave, Stonehenge, The Great Pyramid of Egypt, The Parthenon, The Roman Colosseum, Hagia Sofia, The Taj Mahal, The Great Wall of China, Machu Pichu, and Mesa Verde. Beautiful footage and images at each site transport and immerse the viewer.

Additional Information

Run Time:  25
Copyright: 2022
Studio: Wonderscape Entertainment