Future of Work



Product Code: CE8201
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ISBN: 9781531713423
Grade Level: 9-12
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

This three-part series explores monumental changes in the workplace and the long-term impact on workers, employers, educators and communities. Employment is part of the American Dream. Will the future provide opportunities for jobs that sustain families and the nation?

Episode 1: What is Changing Work? This episode illuminates disruptions to the world of work–AI, robotics, globalization and labor practices. The COVID-19 pandemic was a new driver of change; at the pandemic’s height, unemployment flipped from its lowest rate in 50 years to its highest level in a century.

Episode 2: Futureproof How can we predict job growth, training needs and the role of education in order to prepare for the work of the future? What are the challenges and consequences of the pandemic, and of America’s racial and economic disparities?

Episode 3: How is Work Changing Us? Do businesses need offices? Is a 9-to-5 workday valid? Does the nation need a drastic rethinking of the social safety nets? Does America face a “post-work” era, or will there be increased inequities in how we make our livings?

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Run Time:  165
Copyright: 2021
Studio: PBS