FRONTLINE: The Fight for Yemen



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ISBN: 9781627894067
Grade Level: Adult
Media Type: DVD

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In the fall of 2014, President Obama pointed to Yemen as a model for the U.S.’s counter-terrorism strategy. But six months later, in the spring of 2015, the country is being torn apart in a violent sectarian conflict led by an anti-American rebel movement known as the Houthis. With the Yemeni president ousted from the capital, and Saudi Arabia leading a coalition of regional forces against the Houthis, FRONTLINE, in conjunction with BBC Arabic, presents this special report from inside the Yemeni war zone. Reporter Safa Al Ahmad was granted extremely rare access to the Houthis as they advanced, and in The Fight for Yemen, she delivers a dramatic look at the conflict as it has been building—exposing the violent feuds tearing the country apart, the rival anti-American and Al Qaeda aligned forces fighting for control, and the dangerous consequences for the region and the world.

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Run Time: 60
Copyright: 2015
Rating: TV-PG
Studio: PBS