Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham and Other Favorites



Product Code: CE5430
UPC: 883929213665
Grade Level: PreK-4
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

“Dr. Seuss’s classic stories are brought to life in this collection of animated televised programs, including Green Eggs and Ham and Grinch Night. Green Eggs and Ham follows a determined Sam-I-Am as he tries to introduce some very narrow-minded Sneetches to his favorite dish. Then, a young Who-boy sets out to save Whoville from the foul-tempered Grinch again in the Emmy Award-winning Grinch Night.

Dr. Seuss is serving up laughs and lessons in the newly remastered TV classic, Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham and Other Stories! Join Sam-Am-I and his persistent attempts at introducing a reluctant fellow to a most delectable dish. Their escapades take them across a zany landscape while assembling a cast of characters that only the imagination of Dr. Seuss can bring to life. Will Sam-I-Am convince his new friend to take a chance and finally try something new? Find out in this timeless tale the whole family will enjoy. Then, meet The Sneetches, who teach us that being yourself is the best way to fit in while the story of The Zax reminds us that there is nothing to gain from being stubborn. So bring an appetite for a full course meal of fun that will fill your heart and mind!

This collection of three classic animated shorts based on the work of Dr. Seuss includes adaptations of Green Eggs and Ham, The Sneethces, and The Zax.”

Additional Information

Run Time: 50
Copyright: 1966
Studio: Universal Studios