Daniel Tigers Neighborhood: Playtime with Daniel



Product Code: CE8221
UPC: 841887045766
ISBN: 9781531714017
Grade Level: PreK-2
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

Meet Daniel’s new friend, Max! Max is autistic, and Daniel learns what he can do when Max needs more time to get comfortable and more space to play in his own way. Then, the new pals head to the Clock Factory! When Max is overwhelmed by lights and sounds, Daniel and his friends learn what they can do to help make a calmer setting so Max can play, too. And when Daniel feels left out at the playground because there’s no room for him to play with Katerina and Max, it’s Max’s big sister, Amira, who helps them find a way for everyone to play! Plus, enjoy one very special bonus episode from the new PBS KIDS series, Donkey Hodie!

Additional Information

Run Time:  155
Copyright: 2022
Rating: TV-Y
Rating: Available in the U.S. Only
Studio: PBS