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MARC Record

We offer Marc Records for your library needs. If you wish to add MARC Records to your order, please choose the marc record option and add to your shopping cart. 

Please fill out the form below if this is the first time you order MARC Records with us. Information is required to create customized Marc Records.

Marc Records are available in following options:

  • Marc Record with Label - customized marc record based on your school/district profile and Spine label. (Please note, the labels will arrive separately from your DVD shipment)
  • Marc Record Only - customized marc record based on your school/district profile. No spine labels
  • Free Marc Record - General marc record, no customization.


    Thank you for choosing CEREBELLUM! If you wish to add MARC Records to your order, please complete the form below and return it via fax to (805) 426-8136 or email to MARCrecord@cerebellum.com.

  • **For District Specification, please fax copy to (805) 426-8136 or email copy to MARCrecord@cerebellum.com. If specifications can be obtained online, please provide website address.
  • Please provide contact information of the person able to answer questions related to your District's MARC Records specification:

  • Step 3 - Contact information for person to receive the MARC records

  • E-mail *We will send your MARC records to you in an email attachment. We may also contact you by e-mail if we have further questions about your order.
    Shipping Address - Please enter the shipping address for the labels
  • Step 4 - Local Holding Information:
  • * Indicates our default setting (We will use these defaults if you leave the following sections blank)
  • Tell us what you'd like on each line of your spine labels:
  • Second Line (Classification/Call Number): Dewey Classification is included for nonfiction
  • Third Line (Cutter) of Spine Label:
  • Choose one of the following for all Classifications except Biographies:

  • Step 5 - Barcode Information (Must be filled in if you order MARC records with labels)
  • Barcode Range

  • In Addition to any site code that may be embedded in your bar code number:
  • Do you want us to add a code or name to 852$a? (up to 50 characters)
  • No

  • Do you want us to add a code or name to 852$b? (Up to 50 characters)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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Opening Day Collections

If you are planning a new library, let us know so that we can help simplify your Opening Day Collection. Our service includes a personalized opening day video profile, the assistance of a personal opening day video specialist, cataloging, and timed delivery of products. Whether you're remodeling, expanding, redistricting, or building a new school from the ground up, we start by having our opening day collection specialist contact you so we may learn more about your specific needs. We then have our team of product and curriculum experts create a list specifically designed to meet your specifications and parameters. Each list is printed and includes a complete description of the program, list price, and review information from respected journals, if applicable.

Please contact us for more information at (866) 386-0253 or
email us at customerservice@cerebellum.com.